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The sky is Chrome Blue. The sky is also the limit when it comes to the things we’ll do to bring fame and fortune to your brand. Depending on who you ask, “blue-sky thinking” is either thought that has no basis in reality or thought that is so visionary and open-minded that it borders on genius. Depending on your frame of reference we think it can be both, which is why we’re always looking to the stratosphere for inspiration.


You just love to see it – – new bike share racks replacing on street parking in Mission Bay, San Francisco.

“Stakeholder capitalism is not about politics. It is not ‘woke.’ It is capitalism.” Larry Fink aligns @BlackRock brand even more closely w/ #ESG, betting big on a future that is more sustainable and egalitarian.

#branding #sustainability #climateaction

Let me get this straight: 60-vote threshold was carved up 160 times so senators could pass Trump tax cuts, gas bill & Supreme Ct Justices but when it comes to voting rights, “traditions” & “comity” mean you hug it tight, throw the voters under the senate desks & go home? No way.

If you don't think our car culture is extremely problematic take a moment and consider that we need speed cameras, crossing guards, school officials and by-law officers in school zones because drivers cannot help but operate their vehicles murderously around kindergarteners.

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Do the Cops Need a Rebrand?

If we're talking about reforming police departments, maybe we should be talking about rebranding them, as well.A Wilmington, NC police cruiser: What does a scowling Dodge Charger with POLICE written in massive italics across the side – complete with gradient and 3D...

Is Your Brand Opening Up or Boarding Up?

Photo: Loozrboy via Flickr via Flickr / Creative Commons License Brands face a challenge right now: a) Pretend nothing is happening, or b) change the things they say and do to meet the times at hand – and prepare for more unsettled times ahead. Which road will your...

Brand Voice in a Time of Crisis

Photo: Craftivist Collective via Flickr / Creative Commons License What passed for effective messaging a month ago could sound crass and inappropriate now. Overdoing it with the sympathy angle is equally as tricky. How can brands continue vital marketing efforts in...

Bots Ate My Brand

Suppose a bot took over your brand, threatening to destroy everything your company stood for. Turns out, that's not necessarily a bad thing – as long as you have a strategy for dealing with it. Recently, Chromium was contacted by an Edtech company called FATV, because...

The Brand-Culture Continuum

Visualize an infinity symbol. One side is your brand; the other is your corporate culture. Now draw that symbol in the air with your finger. When all is right with a company’s world, brand and culture are a perfectly symmetrical continuum , with one driving the other...

CFOs: Follow the Brand+Culture Money

What role do CFOs have in advancing a strong brand and a vibrant corporate culture? Apart from participating in company cultural activities and doing their part to live the brand, the answer is not that obvious. Or perhaps it is: Just do what you do. In other...

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