Our Approach

We View Success From a Different Perspective

At Chromium, we’ve developed a core strategic framework – the BrandArmature® – that drives expressions of brand in the marketplace and expressions of culture in the workplace. It’s a radically simple idea that holds tremendous power.

Your Team

In today’s fast-paced, digitally-driven world…
Experience still matters more than anything else.

Tony Wessling

Managing Partner. Strategy. Creative. Real Estate. Finance. Technology. San Francisco.

Lisa Harrington

Principal. Strategy. Leadership. Insurance. Dallas.

Peter van Aartrijk

Partner. Strategy. Communications. Insurance. Washington, D.C.

Maria Rosati

Principal. Financial Services. Content Strategy. New York.

Fiona Berry Gray

Principal. Creative. Client Services. Brand-to-Life Guru. Washington, D.C.

Julie Robertson

Principal. Family Entertainment.
Food & Beverage. Marketing.
San Francisco.

Chad Stose

Principal. Leadership.
Corporate Culture. 
San Francisco.

John Novaria

Associate. Communications.
Los Angeles.

Drew Fleming

Principal. Communications.
Technology. San Francisco.

As digital disruption brings fierce competition from seemingly every direction, brands need talent with strategic acumen to guide them to a better place. That’s why Chromium’s client projects are led by people with seniority and industry-specific expertise.

Chrome Green is a remarkably stable pigment, so it is often used in paints.
It also makes up the green glass in that bottle of wine you just drank, which has likely made you somewhat unstable. Life and brands are full of contradictions like this, and it’s only with a strong framework that you can make any sense of it all and move ahead with some measure of surety. The Chromium BrandArmature provides companies with the framework they need to navigate this complex world. Have us build one for your brand, and your competition will be green with envy at your success.