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Chromium delivers strategic expertise paired with creative depth

Rubies are Chromium Red because of the presence of chromium in the mineral corundum. Pink sapphires are simply rubies with less chromium in them, resulting in lesser gems that are correspondingly lower in value. Does your brand have a high concentration of Chromium influence, or is it Chromium deficient and therefore less valuable?

DERIVE Systems

From a private equity rollup of two auto-aftermarket performance brands comes an entirely new, connected car technology brand that is positioned for dynamic growth in the new green economy.

Services provided: Strategy, Naming, Identity



A shift in business strategy from a target audience of hundreds of institutional investors to a one of hundreds of thousands of financial advisors pointed towards the need for a more dynamic brand identity and messaging for this storied Wall Street investment firm.

Services provided: Strategy, Identity, Messaging, Website Design & Content



Chromium helped a third-generation importer of Chinese medicinal herbs rebrand and reposition for new growth. Chromium’s clear approach to strategy opens up whole new avenues of innovation.

Services provided: Strategy, Identity, Messaging, Website Design.


Arrowhead Insurance

A behind-the-scenes insurance industry giant turns to the expertise of insurance-specialist Chromium CMOs to refresh its brand strategy, positioning, and brand identity to maintain relevance in the digital age.

Services provided: Strategy, Identity, Messaging.



Chromium took a non-descript OEM of thin-film polymers and transformed them into the vanguard for a whole new era in sensory experience. Learn how we worked with leadership to develop a brand strategy, and then commit to its total implementation.

Services provided: Strategy, Naming, Identity, Messaging, Website Design & Content.


Yokayo Wine Company

A B2B wine industry player decides to enter the consumer space. Chromium helped them develop a brand image to help them stand out in this crowded and competitive space.

Services provided: Strategy, Identity, Website Design & Content, Packaging Design.


Fannie Mae

The nation’s top mortgage finance company decided it was time to develop a new brand strategy and show the world they were moving confidently forward. They turned to Chromium to drive the program that was foundational to this successful re-emergence.

Services provided: Strategy, Messaging, Creative.

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